MPH Online Curriculum

MPH Online Department Requirements*

The Department is pleased to offer both the generalist and EH concentration as on-campus and fully online options. Students must consult with their adviser before registering to develop an educational plan and choose the appropriate elective hours. Courses from outside the department must be approved by the program before they can be included in the 48 hours required for the degree.

Students must specifically apply for one of the online degree concentrations, and only students admitted to the online program are eligible for e-tuition. The degree is identical to the on-campus option, and the courses are fully integrated with the on-campus program. However there are not as many electives choices available for the online program. There is no reference on either the diploma or transcript that the courses were completed online.

Please consult the Master Course List for the schedule of available online courses for MPH Online and MPH-EH Online Majors.

This degree is fully accredited by the National Environmental Science and Protection Accreditation Council.

* Students who were admitted before fall 2014 should consult the catalog requirements in place at the time of admission. Students who wish to update to more recent catalog requirements must consult with their advisor.

For assistance or information email or call 217-206-6720

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Updated 2/1/16