General Master of Public Health

General MPH Course Requirements*

The General Master of Public Health degree requires successful completion of 48 semester hours of coursework; 28 hours of required core courses, which includes a 4-hour internship (Table A), and 20 hours of electives. The elective courses must be distributed throughout the categories of electives listed in Table B. Additionally, students who have met the criterion of at least one course from each category may customize their general study of public health by selecting from one of our Public Health Graduate Certificates. Students must consult with their adviser before registering to develop an educational plan and choose the appropriate elective hours.

Table A MPH Required Program Core Courses

Course#   Course Name                                          Hrs.

MPH 503 Biostatistics for the Health Professional 4.0

MPH 506 Community Health Research 4.0 (prereq. MPH 503)

MPH 511 Foundations of Epidemiology 4.0

MPH 521 Environmental and Occupational Health 4.0

MPH 531 Public Health Policy and Administration 4.0

MPH 561 Community Health Education 4.0

MPH 581 Internship 4.0 (NOTE: GPSIs may use PAD 561 for 1 credit hour of internship.)

Approved Electives – Table B 20.0

Table B – MPH List of Electives
Choose at least one course from each category

Emerging Issues Category

MPH 471 Emerging Diseases 4.0
MPH 478 Crisis in Environmental Health 4.0
MPH 526 Risk Management and Communication 4.0
MPH 535 Public Health in the Policy Arena 4.0
Advanced Epidemiology
MPH 512 Epidemiology of Chronic & Infections Diseases 4.0 (prereq. MPH 511)
MPH 514 Analytical Epidemiology 4.0  (prereq. MPH 511)

Analytical Tools Category

MPH 508 Program Evaluation for Health Managers 4.0 (prereq. MPH 506)
MPH 575 Economics for Policy Analysis 4.0
ENS 404 Fundamentals of GIS 4.0

Social Determinants Category

MPH 402 Food and Health 4.0
MPH 408 Addictions 4.0
MPH 441 Human Well Being 4.0

One additional elective may be selected from any UIS graduate program with the approval of the student’s academic advisor. Career path should be considered the best selection of this elective. 4.0

TOTAL Credit Hours Required: 48.0 Closure Requirement: Comprehensive Exam ( 0 credit hours )

Closure Requirement: Comprehensive Exam (0 credit Hours)

The closure experience is a comprehensive written examination based on an applied case study designed to test the student’s ability to integrate the knowledge gained from the five general core courses. Students are expected to take the comprehensive exam during their final semester of coursework. A student may repeat the exam twice, but must successfully complete the exam within one year after completing course work for the degree. Students who are not taking other courses in the degree program must enroll in MPH 583 (zero credit hours, one billable hour) until they pass the exam.

* Students who were admitted before fall 2014 should consult the catalog requirements in place at the time of admission. Students who wish to update to the 2014-2015 catalog requirements must consult with their academic advisor.

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Updated 01/2016