Joint Degree in MPH/MPA

The UIS Departments of Public Health and Public Administration have an articulation agreement that allows interested students to obtain a joint Master’s degree in Public Health and Public Administration (MPH/MPA).

Admission to the Joint Degree: MPH/MPA*

Students must apply to both programs to be eligible for the joint degree. All prerequisites of each program apply. Students who have been officially admitted into either program should discuss this option with their advisor.

Listed below are the specific courses required for the joint MPH/MPA degree. (36 hours of MPH coursework and 32 hours of MPH coursework) Total joint degree credit hours: 68

MPH Courses MPH Foundation/Core (28)

MPH 503 Biostatistics for the Health Professional (4 Hrs.)
MPH 506 Community Health Research (4 Hrs.)
MPH 511 Foundations of Epidemiology (4 Hrs.)
MPH 521 Environmental and Occupational Health (4 Hrs.)
MPH 531 Public Health Policy and Administration (4 Hrs.)
MPH 561 Community Health Education (4 Hrs.)
MPH 581 Internship (4 Hrs.)

MPH Electives(8) Note: MPH 449-Environmental Toxicology and MPH 527- Environmental Risk Assessment comprise eight of the elective hours for EH concentration majors.
Closure Exercise (No Credit) Comprehensive examination.

MPA Foundation/ Core (20)

PAD 501 Introduction to the Profession
PAD 502 Organizational Dynamics
PAD 504 Budget and Finance
PAD 505 Human Resource Management
Choose one elective:

• PAD 533 Program evaluation
• PAD 531 Public Policy Analysis
• PAD 553 Community Planning and Policy

MPA Electives (8)
Closure Exercise (4 Hrs.) PAD 571-Capstone Closure

Our MPH-Environmental Health concentration is fully accredited by the National Environmental Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC)

Follow this link to the MPH program application forms.

* Students who were admitted before fall 2014 should consult the catalog requirements in place at the time of admission.

For assistance or information email or call 217-206-6720

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Revised 2/1/16