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2014 Fall Semester

PAD 501 A & B – Introduction to the Profession

Public Administration - REQUIRED

Stillman, 9th, Paper, 9780618993017.

Public Administration Workbook - REQUIRED

Dresang, 7th, Paper, 9780205019960


PAD 502 A  - Organization Dynamics 

Images of Organization - REQUIRED

Morgan, Paper, 9781412939799

Becoming a Master Manager - REQUIRED

Quinn, 5th, Paper, 9780470284667


PAD 502 B – Organization Dynamics

Reframing Organizations – REQUIRED

Bolman, 4th, Paper, 0495569410

Classics of Organization Theory - REQUIRED

Shafritz, Cengage, 0495569410


PAD 503 A & B  – Analytical Tools

Applied Statistics for Public & Nonprofit Administration – REQUIRED 

Meier,9th, Paper, 9781285737232 (E-book edition permitted)


PAD 504 A & B – Budget and Finance

Public Budgeting Systems – REQUIRED

Lee, 9th, Hardcover, 9781449627904 (E-book option permitted)


PAD 505 A & B – Human Resources Management 

Public Personnel Management – REQUIRED

Klingner, 6th, Hardcover, 9780136026884


PAD 511- Collective Bargaining

Managing Labor Relations in the Public SectorREQUIRED

Coleman, Hardcover, 9781555422455


PAD 531 A –Public Policy Analysis

Public Policy Analysis: Intro - REQUIRED

Dunn, 5th, Paper, 0205252575

Practical Guide for Public Policy Analysis – REQUIRED

 Bardach, 4th, Paper, 1608718425


PAD 533 A – Program Evaluation

Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation- REQUIRED

Wholey, 3rd, Jossey-Bass, 9780470522479


PAD 534 A – Program Implementation

Program Planning and Evaluation for Public Manager REQUIRED

Sylvia, 4th, Paper, Waveland, 9781577667780

Street-Level Bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Service – REQUIRED

Lipsky, Paper, Sage Foundation, 9780871545442


PAD 535 A- Public Administration Diversity

Diversity at Work - REQUIRED

Brief, Paper, 9780521677639

Mixed Messages - REQUIRED

Brunsma, 9781588263988

When Affirmative Action Was White- REQUIRED

Katznelson, Paper, 9780393328516

Trouble with Diversity - REQUIRED

Michaels, Hardcover, 9780805078411

Not Fit for Our Society: Immigration and Nativism in America- REQUIRED

Schrag, Hardcover, 9780520259782


542 A – Nonprofit Sector & Society

Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice - REQUIRED

Worth, 2nd, Paper, 9781412994453

Five Stages of Nonprofit Organizations – REQUIRED

Simone, Paper, 0940069229

American Psychological Association. (2009) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. (6th) ISBN-13: 9781433805615 - RECOMMENDED.


PAD 544 A – Fundraising for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising  REQUIRED

Tempel, 3rd, 9780470551738


PAD 554 A – Community Planning Tools

Planner’s Use of Information- REQUIRED

Dandekar, 2nd, American Planning Association, 9781884829727

Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop (v.10.1)(w/CD) REQUIRED

Law, 3rd, ESRI, 9781589483088


PAD 561 A & B –Organization Environment and Public Service

Improving the Performance of Government Employees- REQUIRED

Liff, Hardcover, 9780814416228


PAD 571 A  – Capstone

A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving - REQUIRED

Bardach, 4th, Paper 9781608718429

Case Study  Research: Design and Methods - REQUIRED

Yin, 5th, Paper, 1452242569


PAD 571 B – Capstone

A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving - REQUIRED

Bardach, 4th, Paper 9781608718429

Case Study  Research: Design and MethodsREQUIRED

Yin, 5th, Paper, 1452242569

 Doing Your Literature Review: Traditional and Systematic Techniques – REQUIRED

Jesson, & Lacey, Hardcover, 9781848601543


PAD 590 A- International Poverty and Inequality in Developing Countries

None at this time


PAD 590 B – Nonprofit Capacity and Collaboration

Required reading will be available via course reserves and e-book within class.


PAD 652 A – Public Management Seminar

Hardball- REQUIRED

Matthews, Paper, Simon and Schuster, 9780684845593

Classics of Public Administration- REQUIRED

Shafritz, 7th, Paper, Cengage, 9781111342746

Elements of Style (Foreword Angell) – REQUIRED

Strunk, White, 4th, Paper, Longman, 9780205309023


A casebook with eight cases purchased and downloaded from the Kennedy School at Harvard is also required. To purchase and access the casebook visit You will need to create an account the first time you visit the site. Choose the link “Register Now.” The sum total for the eight cases is $19.75; three of the cases are free.