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Department of Public Administration University of Illinois Springfield

Student Handbook: Financial Aid and Other Support

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Financial Aid and Other Support

Students in the MPA Program may be eligible for a variety of scholarships, graduate assistantships, and internships with state agencies.

NOTE:  Students Conditionally Admitted to the MPA Program may receive financial aid as long as they meet all other financial aid requirements, e.g., satisfactory academic progress, but they must successfully complete their prerequisite coursework within one academic year.  After that academic year, they must be fully admitted into the program in order to continue receiving financial assistance.

Internships, Assistantships, Fellowships

MPA students may qualify for the Graduate Public Service Internship Program (GPSI), the Illinois Legislative Staff Internship Program, and the Whitney Young Fellowship Program.  If you are a pre-service major, we recommend that you fully explore these internship and fellowship programs.  Each opportunity combines a monthly stipend, often including tuition, with the kind of real world experience essential to your professional development and marketability after graduation.

The GPSI program offers a monthly stipend and tuition coverage for up to two years of enrollment at UIS, in addition to providing an excellent opportunity for career experience in agencies of state government.  The program involves half-time work in a state agency for each of two regular academic years and a full-time, paid position during the intervening summer.

For information regarding these programs, call (217) 206-6544 or visit the graduate studies Web site at  Application deadlines for internships, fellowships, and graduate assistantships vary.  Some deadline dates come as early as February 1 for positions starting in the following fall semester.

Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance

There are several UIS scholarships that are specifically designated for MPA students.  These include the Corporate Alternatives, Inc. Scholarship and the Lee Frost-Kumpf Memorial Scholarship.  For information on these scholarships or other types of financial assistance call (217) 206-6724 or visit the Office of Financial Assistance Web site at

Employer Assistance

Some government agencies set aside funds for tuition reimbursement; others have competitive programs that provide monetary support and, sometimes, time off in support of graduate degree work.  Check the possibilities at your work place.  Some of your expenses may be tax deductible; check with your tax preparer.

Veteran’s Assistance

If you are a veteran, call the UIS Office of Financial Assistance at 206-6724 for GI Bill eligibility.