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Department of Public Administration University of Illinois Springfield

Student Handbook: Departmental Mission and Program Goals

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This handbook is meant to supplement the University of Illinois at Springfield Catalogue.  Please see the relevant catalogue section for complete degree requirements.

The Department of Public Administration at the University of Illinois at Springfield offers two degree programs, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) and the Doctorate of Public Administration (DPA).  The MPA degree may be taken as a straight 40-credit degree or as a joint MPA/Masters in  Public Health degree.  The MPA Program also offers a number of graduate certificates, which may be taken simultaneously with the MPA degree or added to the MPA after graduation.  These are the Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Labor Relations, the Graduate Certificate in the Management of Nonprofit Organizations and the Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management Certificate (in cooperation with other departments).

Department of Public Administration Mission

To contribute to improvement in the public and nonprofit sectors by:

  • Preparing graduate students for public service through quality MPA and DPA degrees and graduate certificates;
  • Developing, sharing and applying knowledge

Masters in Public Administration Program Mission

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) strives to advance the public interest and civic engagement by preparing students with innovative integration of theory and practice. Access to a diverse and networked community of public affairs students, practitioners, and scholars is an important aspect of the UIS MPA Program.

Department of Public Administration Goals

  • Enhanced Professionalism:  Continuously and significantly enhance the professionalism and leadership of government and nonprofit sector employees through integration of teaching, research and service.
  • Public Service Mandate:  In partnership with the academic community, public and nonprofit organizations and citizens, continuously improve the effectiveness of government and nonprofit organizations through teaching, scholarship and service.
  • Recognized Program:  Be recognized by the university, community and profession as a leader in quality state government, teaching, scholarship and service.
  • Student Success Focus:  Be committed to the highest standards of teaching through a variety of program offerings that allow students to achieve their educational goals.
  • Build on our role as a leader in online MPA education by the continuous development of our teaching and course offerings and the recruitment of a diverse student body.

MPA Objectives

1. Graduates of the MPA Program will be able to demonstrate understanding of management of public service organizations, to include competencies in:

a. Administrative theory and practice.

b. Human resources

c. Budgeting and financial processes.

d. Information management, including computer literacy and applications.

2. Graduates of the MPA Program will be able to demonstrate understanding of application of quantitative and qualitative techniques of analysis, to include competencies in:

a. Policy and program formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

b. Decision-making and problem-solving.

3. Graduates of the MPA Program will be able to demonstrate understanding of the public policy and organizational environment, to include competencies in:

a. Political and legal institution and processes, including administrative law.

b. Economic and social institutions and processes.

c. Organization and management concepts and behavior, including administrative ethics.

d. Structure, functional operations and political environment of Illinois state and local government.