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Department of Public Administration University of Illinois Springfield

Student Handbook: Closure Requirements

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Closure Requirement

All MPA students must complete a Master’s closure requirement.

Capstone Seminar

MPA majors fulfill the closure requirement by successfully completing PAD 571, Capstone Seminar, which includes a major paper.  The faculty strongly recommends that majors enroll in the Capstone Seminar after completing PAD 501-505; however, it is possible to enroll in the Capstone Seminar while in the same semester of capstone enrollment taking the last and only remaining core corse.

Continuous Enrollment in Closure Exercise

Campus policy requires that PAD majors who enrolled in PAD 571 Capstone Seminar, but who did not complete the course in one semester, must enroll in PAD 572 Capstone Seminar Continuing Enrollment (zero credit hours, one billable hour), each fall and spring semester until the work is completed.  This begins with the semester immediately following your first enrollment.  Continuing enrollment is not required during summer sessions.  However UIS’ administrative procedure is that when a student fails to maintain continuous enrollment in his or her graduate closure exercise he or she will be given the option of paying for the past semesters or restarting the clock by enrolling for a new four-hour closure exercise.  The Registrar will send notification letters to students who have failed to maintain continuous enrollment for the current semester.  A copy of this letter will be entered in the appropriate student file.

To avoid unnecessary charges and cost, our best advice is to reduce your outside obligations during the semester you plan to take the capstone.