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Department of Public Administration University of Illinois Springfield

Student Handbook: Advising and Registration

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Advising and Registration

You are strongly urged to contact and or meet with your adviser every semester to plan your course enrollment and make sure you are on track toward prerequisite fulfillment and degree completion.

Preregistration Advisement

It is vital that you discuss your first semester course selections with your faculty adviser before you register for classes, and then each semester throughout your time in the program. This will help to avoid mistakes that may impede your orderly progress through the degree program.  When you receive your notice of admission to the program, call your faculty adviser (206-6310) to set up an appointment well in advance of your first semester of registration in MPA or prerequisite course work.

If you have been granted Full Admission to the MPA Program, your initial session with your adviser will be pretty straightforward.  You’ll probably discuss questions you might have about the program and which courses to take.  Generally, you will be advised to take the core courses in order, PAD 501-505, as these fit your schedule.  Your adviser may also begin to suggest electives that best fit your goals and interests.

If you have been granted conditional admission, your adviser will assist you in planning for enrollment to meet prerequisites and advise you which of the MPA courses you are eligible to take.

Curriculum Planning

Your meeting with your adviser will help you to plan your schedule of classes so that you can take your core courses in an orderly fashion and plan for the electives you wish to take.  A projection of future courses is available on our web site.  Also there is an Excel spreadsheet to aid you in course planning.  Please fill this out early in your academic career and share it with your advisor.

Special Permission Courses

Some classes are restricted by a “special permisson” designation. These classes have prerequisites or are being held open temporarily for online students.

Special Permissons are issued with three week “expiration dates.” So once a student has been notified by the office that they have permission to register for the class, there is a three week window within which they need to register. This stipulation is necessary to maximize the ability of all students to get the classes they need. After that three week period, the permission will “expire” and the spot will be open to other students for their enrollment.

We recognize that some students may experience extenuating circumstances that prevent enrollment in the three week period allowed. Please contact the office if you find yourself in such a situation. Make sure to contact the office before the three week window closes.

If you need Special Permission, please fill out the form linked below and you will be notified by email when you are able to register.

Special Permission form may be found here.


UIS registration is done online at  where you will find course schedules and instructions on how to register.