Grad Certificate in Public Sector Labor Relations

Intended for professionals in the field of public sector labor relations, for those in public sector human resources management who wish to upgrade their skills in labor relations, or for those who are beginning their careers and wish to prepare for a career working in or with public sector labor relations, this certificate provides essential knowledge held in high esteem by employers seeking to take advantage of that most valuable resource, the human resource.

Please note that transfer credits can’t be used for certificates.

Note: To qualify for the Public Sector Labor Relations Certificate, students must earn a grade of B or better (a B- does not qualify) in each of the classes.

Important: Students, who seek to earn a certificate while also working on their MPA degree, must enter on initial application to the university that they are seeking the MPA and the PSLR, or if currently enrolled, they must file a change of curriculum form to list the MPA and the certificate they are striving for.

Requirements (for students beginning fall 2015 or later):

Please see the catalog requirements for this certificate for more information.

  • PAD 485 – Administrative Law and Management
  • PAD 509 – Workplace Democracy
  • PAD 511 – Collective Bargaining
  • PAD 568 – Labor Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Requirements (for students beginning before fall 2015):

  • PAD 509 – Workplace Democracy – 4 credits
  • PAD 568 – Labor Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  • PAD 590 – Government Regulation and Admin Law (Will need petition until a catalog change)*
  • PAD 511 – Collective Bargaining – 4 credits

Note that all of our courses will now be three hours in length.  So courses taken beginning in the fall of 2015 will require an extra one PAD 599 hour for each certificate course.  Use the special permission for one hour class form for these one hour additions.

* Special note: For the fall 2016, the new PAD485 Administrative Law and Management course will be offered instead of the old PAD590 Government Regulation and Admin Law course. PAD485 will satisfy the certificate requirement for students who began before fall 2015, but since PAD485 is a 3 hour course, those students who began prior to fall 2015 will need to register for the accompanying extra one hour PAD599 course.