Community Planning: Degree Program/Training

Requirements for students beginning in the fall of 2015 and after

Please see the catalog for requirements.

Requirements for students enrolling previous to fall 2015

Certificate in Community Planning (20 hours)– Students enrolled in this certificate will be able to take five graduate level courses to prepare them for community planning work. These certificate courses can be taken as part of the MPA if desired. Coursework includes in depth exploration the planning process, information technology for planning, capital budgeting and much more.

Note – All of our courses will now be three hours in length.  So courses taken beginning in the fall of 2015 will require an extra one PAD 599 hour for each certificate course.  Use the special permission for one hour class form for these one hour additions.

This certificate is available online.

The graduate certificate in Community Planning requires 20 hours of course work from the menu below. All of the required courses are offered online, some are also offered on campus at night. Individuals may take these courses and earn the certificate part time without being formally enrolled in any degree program, or may complete it as part of a degree program.

A grade of B or better must be earned in the required courses to qualify for the certificate (grades of B- or lower will not be accepted).  Please note that transfer credits can’t be used for certificates.

Required Courses

PAD 553 Community Planning and Policy
PAD 524 Capital Budgeting
PAD 554 Community Planning Tools
PAD 501 Introduction to the Profession

Elective Courses (Choose One)

PAD 506 Public Policy for Managers
PAD 552 Strategic Planning and Management
Internship (Must be in planning environment. Includes PAD 580 and one hour independent study.)
ENS 501 Land Use and Environmental Planning
ENS 503 Advanced GIS Applications

Note: To qualify for the Community Planning Certificate, students must earn a grade of B or better (a B- does not qualify) in each of the classes.

Important: Students, who seek to earn a certificate while also working on their MPA degree, must enter on initial application to the university that they are seeking the MPA and the Community Planner Certificate, or if currently enrolled, they must file a change of curriculum form to list the MPA and the certificate they are striving for.