Joint MPA-MPH Degree

Joint Master Degree from Public Administration and Public Health

The Department of Public Administration and the Master of Public Health Program at UIS have established a joint major. The program allows a student to complete a joint major with significantly less total hours than are required for each degree. Students interested in a joint major should contact the MPA and MPH Program Offices. Admission requires separate applications for each program as well as an additional application to the university for graduate studies.

Requirements for Students Enrolled in the Fall of 2015 or after are here.

Requirements for Students Enrolled Previous to Fall 2015 are below:

MPA Foundation/ Core (20)

  • PAD 501 – 4 credits
    Introduction to the Profession
  • PAD 502 – 4 credits
    Organizational Dynamics
  • Quantitative core class (PAD 533 or 531 or 553)
  • PAD 504 – 4 credits
    Budget and Finance
  • PAD 505 – 4 credits
    Human Resource Management

MPA Electives (16)

  • PAD course electives (8 hours)
  • MPH courses used as electives (8 hours)

MPA Closure Exercise (4)

  • PAD 571 – 4 credits
    Capstone Seminar

MPA Courses

Total MPA joint degree credit hours: 32

MPH courses

Total MPH joint degree credit hours: 36. See MPH website for these requirements.

Note: Students who enter under a catalogue previous to Fall of 2011 can by petition substitute MPH 503 for PAD 503.  This way MPH 503 counts both as a prerequisite for the MPH and a requirement for the MPA.  Similarly, if a student takes PAD 503, MPH will use that as the prerequisite needed for the MPH degree. Please consult your advisor for timing and petition process.

Total MPH credit hours: 36
Total MPA joint degree credit hours: 32

Total joint degree hours: 68