MPA Admission Requirements

Admission to Master of Public Administration Program

Admission to the MPA Program involves a separate application process in addition to the admission procedure for UIS. Students may be admitted as a Full or as a Conditional Admission. Requirements for admission to the online program are the same as those for the on-campus program.

For Full Admission the prospective student must meet the following criteria:

  • An earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited U.S. college/university, or its equivalent;
  • An overall undergraduate grade-point average of 2.50 or better (C=2.00);
  • Completion of the following prerequisites requirements. A grade of C (2.00) or better must have been earned for each undergraduate course used to meet these prerequisites:
    • one undergraduate political science course in U.S. government or completion of high school in U.S.;
    • one undergraduate course in microeconomics or a market economics survey course, other than macroeconomics; and
    • competence in one computer spreadsheet application package, such as LOTUS or EXCEL;

For a complete discussion of prerequisite requirements, please go here.

  • If the applicant is a non-immigrant international student for whom English is not the native language, a TOEFL score of at least 550 paper-based or 213 computer-based.

The lack of any listed prerequisite will not impact admission into the MPA Program or prevent enrollment in courses not requiring prerequisites. Students lacking the prerequisites may be given Conditional Admission. 

UIS Financial Aid requires that prerequisites be completed within 12 months of admission. So if a student receives financial aid, finishing the prerequisite requirement early would be the best plan of study.