Nonprofit Project: Mission

Our mission statement is..

The Nonprofit Project is a diverse and networked community of public affairs students, practitioners, and scholars interested in nonprofit management. We bring to bear the expertise of the public administration faculty and students to develop, share, and apply knowledge and to build the capacity of the nonprofit community.

Faculty associated with the Nonprofit Project consult on nonprofit responses to disasters, on the state budget crisis, on nonprofit leadership development and in many other areas.  Along with graduate education for nonprofit leaders, we continue to provide training workshops in a variety of critical areas for nonprofit development.

We divide our work on behalf of nonprofits into three interrelated areas. We work to:

1.) assist in the development of networks of nonprofit managers,

2.) provide graduate education including an MPA, a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management, tailored training experiences, nonprofit internships and a doctoral program for public service managers,

3.) contribute to scholarly and applied research (including consulting with nonprofit agencies).