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Welcome to the Nonprofit Project

We are a part of the Public Administration Department at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The Nonprofit Project is a diverse and networked community of public affairs students, practitioners, and scholars interested in nonprofit management. We bring to bear the expertise of the public administration faculty and students to develop, share, and apply knowledge and to build the capacity of the nonprofit community. We divide our work in to three areas: Education, Consulting and Research.



We are first and foremost committed to continuing to be a source of professional education and training for nonprofit leaders. We have offered a certificate in non-profit management for almost twenty-five years (1988). UIS is proud of its long tradition in public affairs education. We offer a Masters in Public Administration, a graduate certificate in nonprofit management and continue to provide training experiences for nonprofit leaders and staff. Read more..


Consulting is an important part of our work. Our primary goal here is to use the project’s expertise to help develop the capacity and efficiency of the nonprofit community. Sometimes we consult by using class projects to both

educate and serve. Other times we may ask agencies or organizations to provide funds for us to secure the faculty time that is needed for more complex or time intensive consultations. In any case, our goal is the same. We hope to use what we have learned to help you do what you do better. See more..


Our research is another way to empower the nonprofit community. The research we do is both theoretical and applied. That balance keeps us focused on what is important to the nonprofit manager, but also what the scholarly community is telling us about how theory can impact practice.

If you have questions or if your agency would like to work with us in any way, please contact us.

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