About Graduate Certificates and How to Apply

Graduate certificates provide students with an opportunity to gain specialized knowledge at the graduate level while requiring less coursework than would be required for a full degree. A graduate certificate can be a good choice for students who have completed a baccalaureate degree, but who do not seek a full master’s degree; for students who are pursuing a master’s degree and wish to use the graduate certificate coursework as an area of interest; and for students who have completed master’s degrees and who desire additional coursework related to their job responsibilities.

Certificate and professional sequences at UIS typically require admission to that specific certificate and transcripts from all universities/colleges attended.

During the application process, applicants may be admitted as a non-degree student to facilitate registration and will be re-coded once the chosen public administration program has made a decision to admit. While under non-degree status all restrictions of that status apply. Please note that some certificates are not eligible for financial assistance. Please call the Office of Financial Assistance at (217) 206-6724 if you have questions.

How and where to fill out the certificate information on the UIS application form.

Download or fill out a university application found here Apply Now! and enter requested information. On the second page of the application, you will come to a section Labeled Educational Goals. (For students already enrolled in MPA, fill out a Change of Curriculum form, entering MPA as your first major and one of the codes below for you second major.)

The codes you will need can be found on page 4 of the application booklet. They are listed below as a convenience.

  • Management of NonProfit Organizations 40PF3984CERT
  • Public Sector Labor Relations 40PF9945NDEG
  • Master of Public Administration on campus 40PF0339MPA

Enter the semester, year and codes as indicated in the illustrations and continue with the application.

For Management of Nonprofit Organizations

Illustration of how to fill out nonprofit certificate application









For Public Sector Labor Relations

Illustration of how to fill out the public sector labor relations certificate