CLAS Student-Faculty Research Program


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will make available up to $15,000 available for Student research under the supervision of a faculty mentor for research occurring in summer, fall, and spring with payments made from July 1 to June 30. Normally there will be two awards for students in each group A and B, with one additional award for the whole college for a total of 5 awards. Group A: Natural and Social Science: ASP/BIO/CHE/CLS/CSC/CTL-EXS-L/MAT/PSY Group B: Arts and Humanities: AAS/COM/ENG/HIS//LNG/LNT/MUS/PHI/SOA/ ART/WGS. The primary focus will be for undergraduates doing research. Graduate students may apply but no more than 1 award from the college will be given.


Awards will evaluated on the feasibility of the project; likelihood of success and completion; impact on the student’s learning. Factors that will be used to help evaluate the proposal will be support from faculty mentor; budget proposal; availability of resources such as labs, libraries, etc; and the clarity of the proposal.


Applications which will include a cover sheet, project narrative (not to exceed 1200 words), budget, letter of support from mentor, and how the project will be disseminated will be due to the Dean’s office by March 15. An Ad Hoc committee will evaluate proposals. The Dean will notify students and faculty mentors by May 1. A final report will be due from the faculty mentor by September 1 indicating the results of the project, how it was disseminated, and the assessment of the project.


Faculty members would receive $500.00 to help mentor students. The money can be used as professional development and operations; but not for stipends. Faculty may supervise no more than one project.

The student amount, up to $2000.00, can be used to provide reimbursement for travel for research, to present at professional conference, supplies, and equipment. The money can also be used for a stipend, but students should be cautioned that this may result in change in financial aid or used on previous bills. Multiple student researchers may apply but no project may receive more than $4000.00, and no more than $15,000 will be available for the entire program.


If you are interested in applying, please fill out this application form and submit it to the Dean’s Office by March 15.