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Concentration Descriptions and Planning Forms

Concentration description: Our curriculum has been designed to accommodate students’ varying interests and career goals by providing several course concentration options. These concentration options reflect some of the most popular areas of emphasis within psychology and allow students to further develop knowledge and skills with specific personal and career goals in mind. Your concentration is list on your transcripts, but not your diploma.

Students are strongly encouraged select a concentration no later than the second semester of your junior year, but do not have to declare a concentration before beginning to take courses for the major in psychology.

In consultation with their academic advisers and based on individual educational goals, students may select any one of the following possible concentration areas within the undergraduate major. The individualized concentration was specifically created to serve students who don’t know how they want to use their degree, or who don’t want to be constrained by the requirements of a specific track.

Concentration planning forms: Catalog years for Fall 2012 to present (.pdf format)

Spring 2012 and earlier catalog years (.doc format)

Your catalog year is determined by your first semester at UIS. It does not depend on when you declared Psychology as your major or any other event. If you have a question about your catalog year, please see your advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is, contact the departmental office.