Registration Procedures

Departmental approval is required for all students (majors or non-majors) planning to register for a 300- or 400-level course in Psychology. No one needs departmental approval 100- or 200-level courses in Psychology.

Departmental approval is granted by the departmental office support specialist. In order to receive approval students should:

  1. E-mail requests to from your UIS email ONLY. No phone calls, walk in requests, or non-UIS emails. This policy is to ensure that requests for approval are granted in the order received.
  2. Include your First and Last name, UIN, Course Number, Section and Course Reference Number (e.g., PSY 302A CRN-12131). This policy is to ensure accuracy. Requests that do not include this information will not be accepted.
  3. You may include multiple class requests in one e-mail. This will minimize the time it takes to grant approvals.
  4. Multiple e-mails from the same person will be placed at the time of the latest request (essentially moving you down on the list). This is to streamline the process and to cut down response time to students.
  5. Please make note of your Time Ticket.You can view the exact day and time that you are able to register by logging into Student Self-Service (available at
  6. Click the “Register Now!” link and follow the directions given.
  7. Students who do not register on their designated dates may register AFTER designated dates.
  8. Do not request approval more than 24 (working) hours prior to your time ticket (week-ends are excluded).

Example: If your time ticket allows you to register on a Monday at 8:00AM, you may request your approval anytime after the previous Friday at 8:00AM. If your time ticket is for Tuesday at 8:00AM you may request approval Monday at 8:00AM.

Psychology departmental approvals will have a 24 hour time limit on them. If you have not registered for the course within the 24 hours, the approval will be removed, no exceptions. This is to improve registration availability to students.

Following these guidelines will allow your registration experience to progress as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Please direct any questions that you may have to the office support specialist or the department chair.