Application / Recruitment Period, 2015-2016

Student Recruitment

Project MSS recruits annually for the fall term.  During this time applications are processed and reviewed, with admission status determined by the end of February.  Applications may be submitted at anytime, however, admission status will not be determined until February of that year’s recruitment period.

Prospective Students

If you are a junior or senior in high school in Springfield or Decatur school districts or a recent graduate and are wanting to enter the teaching profession, you may be eligible for participation in the Project Midstate Student Support (MSS) for Teaching Program.  Project MSS is a partnership with Springfield and Decatur public school systems and is designed to prepare “local students to become local teachers.”  Candidates for the program are recruited from the participating school districts and are expected to return to these districts in a professional capacity for a minimum of two years after certification.

Project MSS students are provided a series of planned activities and incentives to increase aptitude for teaching and motivation to teach in the local area.  The program consists of academic assistance, mentoring, individual advising and counseling, workshops and professional development opportunities, cultural enrichment, and service learning each semester.  Participants are involved in both professional and volunteer efforts supporting the education of children.  Upon acceptance, you will join a group of hard-working and high-achieving students who have made a serious commitment to teaching.  Current UIS students must enroll in one of two Project courses: TEP 202: Teaching as Service or TEP 203: Designing Instruction.

If you are interested in joining the program for the upcoming fall semester, please complete the application process by February 1st.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the upcoming fall term is February 1st. No applications will be considered after this time period.

Application Process

There are two entry points available for students who are graduate of the Springfield or Decatur School districts:

  • the junior or senior year of high school;
  • the first two years of college or community college

All students applying for admission to the program must submit a completed application by the recruitment deadline for the upcoming fall term.  In addition, a personal interview with the director and transcripts will be required.