Program History

The Midstate Student Support for Teaching Program (MSS), formerly known as Project Minority Student Support for Teaching, is a partnership designed to recruit future leaders from the Springfield-area school systems. Partners in this program represent three local educational institutions, the University of Illinois at Springfield, Lincoln Land Community College, Richland Community College and the two local school districts, Springfield School District 186 and Decatur School District 61.

Members of each institution participate on an Advisory Committee that provides ongoing input into Program activities and operating procedures.

Students apply to the program at one of the three points:

  • the junior or senior year of high school; or
  • the first two years of college or community college or
  • the junior year at UIS

MSS Participants have provided over 1000 hours of service to the Springfield and Decatur communities.Since its inception in agencies such as the Springfield Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, YWCA, Sangamon Breadline, the Computer Banc, and St. John’s Children’s Hospital as well as local schools in the Springfield and Decatur communities.

Project MSS has graduated over thirty students-more than twenty from Springfield and 10 from Decatur. These numbers include 25 elementary majors and 7 secondary majors. The average cumulative grade point average for the group is 3.2. Several graduates also pursue  graduate education.




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