The Pre-Med Concentration in Biology (20 hours), Chemistry (15 hours), and Clinical Laboratory Science (21 hours), provides students in these natural sciences majors with the courses they need to complete a successful application to medical school.

The coursework is based upon competencies expected of medical school applicants established by the American Association of Medical Colleges and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

The Pre-Law Center serves as a physical point on the UIS campus and as an informational resource for UIS students who are considering law school, a career in law, or a career in a legally related field.

UIS is also home to the Illinois Innocence Project, where many students interested in law school develop their research skills. The Illinois Innocence Project is the only undergraduate Innocence Project in the U.S. Through the Project, students provide assistance in cases where there is a strong likelihood that a convicted person is innocent, and also work to prevent the conviction of innocent persons in the future.