If you are a recruiter or admissions counselor and you would like to do an event on the UIS campus please contact Prof. John Martin (217-206-8342,

If there is no room listed for an event then it should be considered tentative and subject to change.

Fall 2013

December 5: Physician’s Assistant Speaker

(7 pm, UHB 1002) Tony Grasch, PA-C will be coming to talk with us about what it is like to be a PA. Tony is a PA in cardiothoracic surgery at SIU School of Medicine, the regional director of the Illinois Academy of Physician’s Assistants, and is very involved in the training and selection of students at the SIU School of Medicine Physician’s Assistant program. He will have some very useful insight on the career, its history, and its present state. Even for those of you who are not currently considering PA school, it is good to know your options. The PA path is becoming very popular and widespread.

November 8:  Med School Discussion

(4 pm, HSB 302) Mark Frakes, 2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Illinois Medical College Rockford, and UIS graduate will talk about his experience applying, interviewing and succeeding in medical school.  Pizza and drinks will be provided in the 3rd floor Lunch room.


Fall 2012

September 19:  PreMed Club Meeting

(noon, HSB Lounge on 1st Floor) First fall meeting of the UIS Pre-Med Club.

September 20:  Illinois RMed Scholarships

(3pm, HSB 302) Come meet Illinois RMED program recruiter Mark Meurer and learn how this program can help you pay for medical school.

What We Did Last Fall (2012)

September 28: Illinois RMED Scholarships

(1pm – 2pm, location HSB 235) Come meet Illinois RMED program recruiter Mark Meurer and learn how this program can help you pay for medical school.

October 3: Research and Graduate School is Parmacology at the SIU School of Medicine(noon – 1pm , location TBD) Dr. Julio Copello from the SIU-SOM Pharmocology dept on will talk about his research and their graduate program. This talk is arranged and hosted by the BIO and CHE departments.

October 26: Philanthropy and MedicineDrs Robins & Woodson, Simmons Cancer Institute, SIU Med(1pm – 2pm, location HSB 302) Discussion about how many doctors give their time and talent to charitable cases.

November 30: Effects of the Affordable Care ActDr Eric Brown, Cheif Medical Officer for SIU HealthCare at SIU-Med Springfield(1pm – 2pm, location HSB 302) Learn how changes to the law and public policy are effecting the work of medical professionals.

What we did last Spring (2013)

January 30: Pre-Med Student Club Organizational Meeting

(11:30am – 12:30pm: UHB 2001) A new pre-med student club is starting at UIS! Come be involved from the start. If you can’t be there but are intrested talk to Josh Huber, Justin Sawyer, or Jacob Bohem about being part of this.

February 11: Med-School Recuiter from A.T.Still University

(4pm – 5pm, HSB 235)

February 12: Recuiter from Life University School of Chiropracty

(4pm – 5pm, HSB 235)

February 26: Med-School Recuiter from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara

(4pm – 5pm, HSB 303)

April 5 : Illinois R-Med Program
(1pm – 2pm, location HSB 304) Mark Meurer will be visiting with information about the Illinois R-Med program that offers scholarships to medical students you plan to serve in rural Illinois communities.

April 26 : Applying to Medical School
(1pm – 2pm, HSB 304) This is one of our most popular events every year. Dr Erik Constance. associate dean of students at SIU-Med, will be on hand to tell you about what you need to know about medical school before you apply.

April 30 : Physician Assistants
(6pm – 7pm, VPA 152) Don Diemer, DHSc, PA-C is the Program Director of the SIU Physicians Assistant Program and the President of the Illinois Academy of Physician Assistants.  He will be talking about what physician assistants do and how to become one.