Dr. Tim Miller

Tim R. Miller earned his Ph.D. at the University of Utah and holds both an MA and MPA from the University of Wyoming, with his BA from the University of Colorado specializing in American politics, political parties, presidential leadership, and Congress.

He is author of State Government: Politics in Wyoming, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company 1981, 1985 and numerous monographs, journal, and magazine articles. He serves as peer referee on articles for the Social Science Journal and Journal of Illinois History.

Dr. Miller has served as public speaker and/or management consultant for organizations such as the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, International Association of Municipal Clerks, and AT&T.

Dr. Miller enjoys researching the active-leisure endeavors of American presidents, particularly pool or billiards, and how these endeavors affected the health and well-being of the president and his presidency. He is, himself, an avid – though admittedly mediocre pool player.