The Political Science Master’s Degree Program

Nathan Tarr at the Midwest Political Science Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting
UIS political science graduate student Nathan Tarr presented a panel presentation on “Deradicalization of Egypt and Turkey’s Islamist Parties in Foreign Policy towards the United States during their Rise to Power” at the Midwest Political Science Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting.

The Political Science Master’s Degree at the University of Illinois Springfield is designed to join the basic theoretical pursuits of political science with the practical knowledge needed by effective public officials and political practitioners.  The campus’ location in the state capital offers a rich setting for combining theory and practice.

The Political Science Department offers sound academic instruction in American state and national politics, public law, international relations, comparative politics, and political philosophy.  Department faculty incorporate their academic specialties with a great variety of professional and political experiences. Members of the department have served as legislative staff aides, congressional campaign managers, policy consultants, and in other offices.  Faculty encourage students to take full advantage of the academic and professional opportunities offered by UIS and the state capital.

The Political Science Master’s Degree curriculum is organized to meet the needs of a diverse student body, offering graduate students the option to take a course of study that merges the academic and practical aspects of politics.  Because students enter the major with bachelor’s degrees in a variety of social sciences and humanities, the Political Science Master’s Degree curriculum is centered in a few required courses that provide essential concepts and skills.  A range of options including, subject-matter seminars, elective courses, and internships allow students to tailor their courses of study to their individual professional aspirations.  The department is particularly well organized for students who want to pursue careers in politics, but also for those who are preparing to teach, and for those who aspire to an advanced degree in political science or law.

Graduate students in Political Science may shape their course of study to the special requirements of advanced degrees by focusing on an area of emphasis. Internships are available in selected agencies of Illinois government that have international policies and programs.

If you are interested in the Online Political Science Master’s Degree, please contact Rebekah Grosboll at or (217) 206-8545.