Graduate Certificate in Practical Politics

Graduate Certificate in Practical Politics (16 Hrs.)

This certificate is intended for political practitioners, or for those who intend to become political practitioners. Students with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution may apply for admission to the certificate.  For admission to the certificate, a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA is required, with conditional admission status possible for students with a slightly lower GPA.  Conditionally admitted students must receive a grade B or better in PSC 501.


PSC 501 Introduction to the Graduate Study of Politics   (4 Hrs.)

Select two of the following courses:

PSC 562  Practical Politics Seminar in Political Campaigns  (4 Hrs.)

PSC 563  Practical Politics Seminar in Lobbying  (4 Hrs.)

PSC 564  Practical Politics Seminar  in Policy Formation, Analysis, and

Presentation (4 Hrs.)

PSC 530 Graduate Internship in Political Science   (4 Hrs.)