The Bachelor’s Degree – Three-year Integrated B.A.

This special curriculum is designed for undergraduates who are preparing for a career in practical politics. It is a special academic program which makes it possible for a major in political science to complete the B.A. and M.A. degrees in a shortened time period when undertaking full-time study.

Students in the B.A.M.A. curriculum must satisfy all the requirements for the B.A. in political science.

Additional requirements are:

Designated PSC courses. These three courses must be a part of the political science major-PSC 405 Illinois Government and Politics, PSC 409 Political Parties and Interest Groups, and PSC 451 Empirical Political Analysis.

Public Policy Expertise. B.A.M.A. students must develop expertise in an area of public policy through two significant learning experiences, at least one of which must be a course. For example, a student interested in policy concerning senior citizens might take GER 451 Policies and Programs for the Elderly as one policy learning experience. The second experience might be LES 442 Law and Aging or an internship at, say, the Illinois Department on Aging, or an in-depth research project taken as PSC 499 Tutorial. Courses in the public policy component may be graduate (500-level, taken with special permission of the instructor) or undergraduate. They may be in any academic program (e.g., PSC, LES, GER, ECO, ADP, ENS, COM, ADE, SOA). At least one policy course should be taken in the B.A. phase of the B.A.M.A. curriculum.

Special Applied Study. B.A.M.A. students follow a special format for the applied study final self-evaluation. The result is a final paper which is similar to the graduate internship report. Students in the B.A.M.A. curriculum should consult regularly with the B.A.M.A. adviser. This is especially important at the beginning, when the studentís three-year curricular plan is developed, at the time the student registers for a policy course, and most importantly, in the semester before registering for an applied study. If the applied study is not planned in consultation with the B.A.M.A. adviser, it cannot count as part of the B.A.M.A. curriculum.

Upon graduation with the B.A. degree, you will be evaluated to determine admission to the M.A. phase of the B.A.M.A. curriculum. Admission to the M.A. phase depends on a sustained 3.00 GPA and satisfactory outcomes in the policy experiences and applied study.

The requirements for the M.A. phase of the B.A.M.A. curriculum are the same as those for the M.A. program, except that the number of elective courses will be reduced by two, with the Special Applied Study serving as a graduate-level elective course. With those reductions, the number of hours required for the M.A. phase is 32.

Application for the B.A.M.A. curriculum is made through the political science B.A.M.A. adviser, after initial registration for classes at UIS. A 3.00 GPA, either in prior college or in the first yearís coursework at UIS, is required for admission. It is best to apply early in the first semester of residence so that a policy component, applied study, and electives can be effectively planned. However, students may apply right up to the time they register for the applied study term.

Contact person: Calvin Mouw, PAC 358, Ph: 206-7884, e-mail