The Bachelor’s Degree – Overview

Undergraduate majors must take five foundation courses and a closing seminar:

PSC/LES 201 Introduction to the American Political System (3 Hrs.)

PSC 325 Introduction to Political Philosophy (3 Hrs.)

PSC 371 ECCE: Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 Hrs.)

PSC 373 ECCE: Introduction to International Relations (3 Hrs.)

PSC 451 Empirical Political Analysis (3 Hrs.)

PSC 485 Closing Seminar (2 Hrs.) or

PSC 486 Honors Closing Seminar (2 Hrs.)

All students intending to become PSC majors should take PSC 201 prior to taking any other PSC course. Students are encouraged to take the foundation courses, including PSC 451, prior to taking other 400 level courses.

PSC 325 Introduction to Political Philosophy is a prerequisite to advanced courses in political philosophy (PSC 425-435).

PSC 371 Introduction to Comparative Politics and 373 Introduction to International Relations are prerequisites to advanced courses in comparative and international politics (PSC 471-478).

Students should consult with academic advisors in the major for specific guidance regarding completion of general education requirements.  Students seeking a double major in Political Science and Legal Studies may count cross-listed courses with a Legal Studies (LES) prefix as electives in Political Science and may count cross-listed courses with a Political Science (PSC) prefix as electives in Legal Studies.  These students may also use PSC 451 toward the Legal Studies’ requirement LES 472.

In addition to the 17 hours of foundation courses, students are required to take 15 hours of PSC electives, which must be at the 300- and 400- level.

This brings the total hours in the major to 32.