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What does UIS do to make campus housing and other campus facilities safe for students and employees?

UIS controls the installation of lock-cores and the issuance of keys. All keys are coded with a core number and a personal ID number rather than room numbers, so lost or stolen keys cannot be matched with a particular room or building.

When students move into campus housing, they receive information on safety/security. Students are asked to help enforce security procedures. Personnel from campus housing are responsible for assisting locked-out housing residents.

Most exterior doors on campus buildings are locked and secured each evening by the campus police department. Users of campus buildings should not compromise security by propping open doors or loaning keys. During the late night hours, campus police officers provide random patrols of campus buildings and parking lots.

As part of their patrol responsibilities, campus police officers report repairs needed for exterior lighting. Students and staff are also asked to report exterior lighting deficiencies or other needed repairs. To improve nighttime visibility, trees, shrubs, and vegetation on campus are trimmed. A monthly security survey is performed by campus police to identify any lighting or landscaping concerns.

What else does UIS do to prevent crime?

The following services are designed to reduce opportunities for crime:

  • Code Blue emergency telephones - placed along walkways and in the parking lots throughout the campus provide, a direct line to campus police.
  • Escort service - provided by the campus police department.

What efforts address the education component of crime prevention?

Through Rape Aggression Defense classes, seminars, new student orientations, pamphlets and publications, the campus police department and other campus units offer educational opportunities to the UIS community throughout the year.


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