Barker JohnDr. John Barker
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair of Philosophy Department
Ph.D. Princeton University, 1999

Email:   barker.john@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-8244
Office:  UHB 3025
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Dr. Peter Boltuc
Professor of PhilosophyPeter Boltuc, Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D.s Moral and Political Philosophy – Bowling Green State University; Philosophical Anthropology – Warsaw University

Email:   boltuc.peter@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7422
Office:  UHB 3030
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Kurtz RoxanneDr. Roxanne Marie Kurtz
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of Placement
Ph.D. Philosophy – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Email:   rkurt3@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-8218
Office:  UHB 3039
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Keith MillerDr. Keith Miller
Professor of Philosophy, Computer Science
Ph.D. University of Iowa

Email: miller.keith@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7327
Office: UHB 3110
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Dr. Larry ShinerShiner Larry
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, History, Visual Arts
Ph.D.s Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy – Université de Strasbourg, France

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Email:   shiner.larry@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7194
Office: VPA 143

Dr. Peter Wenzwenz
University Scholar of the University of Illinois
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

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Email:   wenz.peter@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7429