Minor in Philosophy

We also offer a minor in Philosophy, which may be completed online or on-campus (or both).  Undergraduate students may elect to complete a philosophy minor to acquire training in critical thinking and skill in analyzing values related to their chosen major.

In the On-campus Philosophy Minor, students can also enroll in Philosophy courses in a traditional classroom format. Courses typically meet at the UIS campus in Springfield, Illinois, one or two times weekly for several hours. Additionally, there are Philosophy classes offered on our extension campus in Peoria.

The Online Philosophy Minor, identical to the on-campus program, allows students to actively participate in dynamic, diverse, and interactive online learning communities and to complete their course work via the Internet. The online format uses the latest network information technologies for increased access to educational resources, advisers, and materials. Students who choose to pursue the philosophy minor online should be comfortable using network information technologies, navigating the Internet, using e-mail, and learning from a distance.

Minor Requirements

To enter the Philosophy Minor Program, learners must have:

  • Earned a minimum of 45 credit hours at the lower-division level;
  • A grade point average of 2.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale from an accredited
    college or university;
  • Completed six semester hours of English composition

To earn a minor in philosophy, students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours, at least eight hours of which must be upper-division coursework taken at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Students must take at least one course from each of three areas:

  • Critical Thinking in Philosophy/Logic (Satisfied by PHI 301 or PHI 401)
  • Ethics (Satisfied by any course in the 430-449 range, and also by PHI 485)
  • The History of Philosophy (Satisfied by PHI 421, 425 or 453)

One additional elective course with a PHI prefix is also required. This elective can be taken in any area of philosophy. The program may accept philosophy courses taken at a community college before enrolling at UIS, as well as one class taken at a different institution (online or on-campus). We encourage our online students to take at least one class on our campuses in Springfield or Peoria, if possible.

*Presently, ENG 491 European Symbolism may be petitioned into the minor.

*Additionally, students may enroll in a summer class focusing on computer ethics (CSC 491 Computer Ethics) that satisfies the ethics requirements for the minor. It is not listed as a philosophy class in the UIS catalog since it requires some competency in the area of computer science (such as the ability to build a data-base). Students who have taken an introduction to computer science course or have basic engineering skills should be able to successfully complete this course.