Areas of Specialization and Senior Seminar

Currently, philosophy students may specialize in the areas of core analytic philosophy or values.

In addition to the eight hours of area coursework required of all philosophy majors, students specializing in either core analytic philosophy (Area 1) or values (Area 3) must take one advanced class in their area of specialization and a senior seminar associated with that chosen area. 
*Students should note that advanced courses have at least 4 hours of Area 1 or Area 3 courses as prerequisites.

The Capstone Senior Seminar course provides students with an opportunity to do graduate-level work in preparation for their future career choices. It follows the Area of Specialization course with a focus on major, individualized research papers. Two capstone courses will be designed and delivered, one for students pursuing the Area 1 specialization (core) or the Area 3 specialization (value theory).