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Degree Plan

To complete their baccalaureate education, Philosophy majors are required to meet upper-division university requirements (ECCE courses- 13 hours total) and must take 12 hours of general electives, at least 6 of which must be in areas outside Philosophy.

The overall structure of the curriculum is as follows:

Degree Requirements Hours
General (any philosophy or CAP Humanities course) 3
PHI 301 Critical Thinking (or logic) 3
Total 6
Bachelor’s Degree
Area 1 (core) 8
Area 2 (history of philosophy) 8
Area 3 (values) 8
Advanced class in area of specialization 4
PHI 490 Senior Seminar in Value Theory OR
PHI 495 Senior Seminar in Core Analytic Philosophy 4
Philosophy elective (any PHI class) 4
UIS requirements 10
General electives (at least 6 hours outside philosophy) 15
Total 61