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Friday, September 28, 2007

Oldfield contributes chapter to new book

Kenneth Oldfield, professor emeritus of Public Administration, published "Achieving Social Class Diversity Throughout the Workforce: A TIAA-CREF Case Study" as a chapter in Considering Class, a book edited by Kevin Cahill and Lene Johannessen of the University of Bergen, Norway. Oldfield's article discusses how corporations can expand their diversity goals to include hiring more personnel of poverty- and working-class origins.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cheney widely interviewed about Beatles-related movie

Michael Cheney, professor of communication, was cited in an article that was widely disseminated in Canadian publications to coincide with the release of the movie Across the Universe, which debuted recently at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film is a love story told through more than 30 Beatles songs.

Cheney is a recognized expert on popular music and teaches The Beatles: Popular Music and Society through a weekly podcast and vodcast. Read the article.

Cheney also recently appeared on WCIA-TV to talk about his work on Media Politics 2.0 and his blogging on the topic. See the appearance on YouTube.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Oldfield publishes article

Kenneth Oldfield, professor emeritus of Public Administration, published "Expanding Economic Democracy in American Higher Education: A Two-Step Approach to Hiring More Teachers from Poverty- and Working-Class Backgrounds" in the July issue of the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, a refereed periodical published in Australia. Oldfield's article recommends informal and formal procedures current faculty can use to expand diversity within the professoriate, based on socioeconomic origins.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lemke invited to speak on Emiquon

Mike Lemke, associate professor of Biology and director of UIS' Emiquon Field Station, has been invited to make three presentations about Emiquon in September – at Spoon River College's "Science Café," to the Springfield chapter of the Sierra Club, and at the annual section meeting of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Located along the Illinois River near Havana, Emiquon is the site of efforts to restore the natural floodplain ecosystem to more than 7,000 acres of farmland owned by the Nature Conservancy. More information is available at www.uis.edu/emiquon/.