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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Student publishes article in E-mentor

UIS student Rhonda Urban is the author "Why Recent Criticism of the University of Phoenix is Unjustified," an article that appears in the online publication E-mentor. The article was originally written as part of her work in the course PHI 301 Critical Thinking taught by Associate Professor of Philosophy Peter Boltuc this spring.

In her article, Urban offers a rebuttal to a recent New York Times piece that presents the University of Phoenix in a negative light and claims a number of reasons for its low graduation rate. The complete text is available at www.e-mentor.edu.pl/artykul_v2.php?numer=20&id=446.

E-mentor, the Internet magazine published by Warsaw School of Economics, concentrates on issues including e-learning, lifelong education, knowledge management, e-business and methods, forms and economic curriculum. The English version is available at www.e-mentor.edu.pl/e_index.php.