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Friday, February 11, 2010

A Message from Dr. Tim Barnett

Dr. Tim BarnettIn Fall 2010, we had a record enrollment of 5,174 students as compared to our record enrollment in Fall 2009 of 4,961 students. UIS has seen an increase in student enrollment of more than 460 students in the past two years; the increase have been primarily in undergraduate students, freshmen, transfer and on-line. It is exciting to see UIS growing in student population! We have more students visible on campus, and there is increased participation in educational programs, volunteer services, social events, intramurals and other campus services.

We are anticipating additional enrollment growth for Fall 2011, including more international students. The goal is to have a student enrollment of 5,500 students in the next two to four years. In anticipation of this growth, Chancellor Berman held a retreat on February 4 to discuss what UIS would need to do to reach that goal and what services and facilities should be in place to accommodate the needs of those new students as well as existing students.

Approximately 35 faculty, staff and students participated in the afternoon discussion. It was an excellent meeting, and follow-up discussions in small groups are planned.

The retreat topics focused on enrollment trends and areas of potential growth. The specific discussion topics included capacity and opportunities for growth, marketable degrees and programs, Instructional support needs, facilities and recruitment. Lori Giordano discussed majors that were most often requested by students and which UIS does not offer, and Tammy gave a presentation on the future job market. Lori and Tammy led two of the discussion groups, and John Ringle shared the needs and complexities of building future residence halls.

The most requested majors we do not offer are General Engineering, Nursing, Graphic Arts and Design, Computer Engineering, Veterinary Medical Science, Education, Physical Therapy, Early Childhood Education, Recreation, Sport and Tourism, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Journalism.

Top degrees in demand at the bachelors level: Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, Business Administration and Management.

Looking at the future in pragmatic ways is critical to the university moving forward. The consensus by participants at the retreat was that UIS needs to consider the addition of new majors and programs, look at building a new residential hall, and that the planning process should begin soon. Student participants felt strongly a student center is a critical component of recruitment and retention and would need to be built in the near future. Retreat participants also said faculty participation in the recruiting process is especially important with community colleges and can substantially increase the number of transfer students.

UIS has a very bright future. It will require the campus to come together to highlight its strengths and address its challenges. Faculty, staff and students are the best marketing people for the university through your comments, service and making “Students First.”

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Featured Story

Legacy Campus

The UIS Historic District is where the UIS campus was born. According to Lynne Price, the President’s offices were located in what is now the UIS Health Services. All the buildings were once labeled by letters of the Alphabet and referred to by “Building E, Building J, etc”. These letters have now been replaced by titles such as SLB (Student life Building), SAB (Student Affairs Building), HRB (Human Resources Building), and so on.

We asked people on campus if they had any special memories of their present or past experiences in the Historic District. Lori Atkinson, Admissions and Records Supervisor, recalls an incident that involved a birthday cake ablaze with so many candles smoke alarms were set off. The fire department showed up and people had to stand in the freezing cold for a half an hour before they were cleared to return inside.

Some of the best kept secrets are down in the historic district of our campus. To help you help our students learn about these secrets, we’ve put together a list of reasons to visit the down-campus offices.

  • It’s a downhill walk!
  • Only place on campus to get a travelling taco.
  • Need a tetanus shot?
  • Need to Zen out in the sunken garden?
  • Need to get your Ping Pong on?
  • Student Center has X-Box, Kinect, and Wii, in addition to Pool tables, Ping Pong, and TV if you need a great place to get lunch and chill.
  • Need bosco sticks?
  • Learn the secrets to finding rewarding jobs and careers. Then build a resume that will help you get a job. And, if you are looking for a job, Human Resources is in the Historic District.
  • It’s only 500 steps from Brookens! (Did we mention it’s downhill)
  • View some interesting art in the visual arts building.
  • Try beer goggles! (In the Counseling Center?)
  • The Volunteer Office is in SAB.
  • It’s good for your heart.
  • The Youth Soccer games are held down here.
  • The UIS tennis players practice down here on the tennis courts.
  • Don’t have to fight for a parking space in Parking Lot A or B.
  • It is the only place in the world to view the trophies in the Student Affairs Trophy Case from the 86, 88, and 93 NAIA Men’s Soccer Trophies.
  • According to Lynn Price, the current UIS health services wing used to be the UIS President’s offices.
  • As some people, but not all, know, the buildings used to have Alphabet letters .
  • The Stars Lounge is the place on campus to get involved in a variety of games, including video games.
  • Well, there are more shade trees down there for those of you who actually enjoy eating out doors.

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Stellar Student Service Tips

UIS Celebrates Black History Month

February is Black History Month and UIS is raising awareness and educating its community with a month-long series of events that are free and open to the public.

This month’s events included the film Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin. The film is a documentary that focuses on the life of Bayard Rustin, one of the most influential, yet unknown figures of the Civil Rights Movement. Denied the spotlight because he was gay, Rustin was deeply involved in much of the Civil Rights Movement. On February 9, UIS hosted Carlotta Walls, the youngest member of the Little Rock Nine. She discussed her book Mighty Long Way: My Journey to Justice of Little Rock Central High School. UIS was also treated to an interactive event, Tunnel of Oppression, on February 9th and 10th. The interactive event introduced participants to the concepts of oppression, privilege, and power and helped them to think more deeply about the issues involved in oppression.

Make sure not to miss the retired U.S. Marshal, Robert Moore on February 23. Moore, who holds two degrees from the University of Illinois Springfield, and who has had a distinguished career in law enforcement, will be on-hand in Conference Room C/D in the PAC to sign copies of his book, The Untold Story, Black U.S. Marshals beginning at 7 p.m.

Dr. Corey Walker, associate professor in the Department of Africana Studies at Brown University, was scheduled to speak on February 2, but the event was cancelled due to inclement weather. The event may be rescheduled.

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UIS tops previous spring enrollment numbers

Enrollment at the University of Illinois Springfield has set a record for a spring semester with 4,920 students enrolled. It is an increase of 58 students over last spring. UIS has a total of 2,997 undergraduate students and1,923 graduate students enrolled.

The 1.2 percent increase is primarily due to carryover from the substantial increase in fall enrollment. Student enrollment at UIS in fall 2010 was the largest ever in the institution’s 40-year history, with 5,174 students.

"We are pleased about this spring's increase in enrollment and anticipate enrollment growth again next fall, as statewide recognition of the quality and affordability of education at UIS - for freshmen, transfer, and graduate students – increases,” said UIS Chancellor Harry Berman.

Additionally, the number of students majoring in degree programs at UIS that are fully online increased this spring by 67 students, according to Ray Schroeder, director of UIS’ Center for Online Learning, Research and Service. The total number of students with online majors is 1,364, which is an increase of 5.2 percent over last spring.

UIS offers 16 online degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. More than one-fourth of UIS students are online degree program students, and more than half of all students at UIS are taking at least one online class.

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Career Fair: So much more than a job fair

On February 17, the UIS Career Development Center will host the thirteenth annual Career Fair in the Public Affairs Center, from 10:30 – 2:00 p.m.. This is an exciting opportunity for all of our students to gain access to dozens of employers in once place and at one time. The fair is open to all students at all levels and in all programs.

While many of the employers attending will be looking to full current job openings, there is more to the career fair than jobs. Along with full-time and part-time job opportunities, employers will be seeking interns and volunteers. For students who aren’t in the job market right now, the 2011 Career Fair is an excellent way for students to meet actual recruiters from actual companies and to ask questions about future opportunities, recruiting practices, and learning opportunities. This is the time for students to get their “foot in the door” and to make that great first impression, the impression that will get them hired for an internship or a job down the road. Students can review a list of employers who have already registered at www.uis.edu/careerservices/careerfair and begin preparing some questions for employers.

Students aren’t left high and dry when preparing for their career fair experience. Throughout the month of January and February, the Career Development Center has already hosted a number of workshops to help students prepare. The next event will be “Last Minute Quick Stop Hours” on February 14th and 15th from 11 – 2pm. Students are invited to bring their career fair questions as well as resume questions to the Career Development Center for some last minute coaching.

Encourage any student you see to attend this year’s Career Fair!

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Enjoy an Evening of Fine Food and Entertainment

Support UIS student participation in Study Abroad and enjoy an evening of fine food and entertainment.

The Office of International Programs is holding three Global Gateway Dinners to raise funds for travel scholarships for UIS students approved to study abroad through the Global Experience Program.  Each dinner will have an international theme featuring the food (see menu below) of a world region or country and information on UIS programs in that area.

On Feb. 13th we are focusing on West Africa where Prof. Alamu from Public Health is organizing a short term study program in The Gambia.  Dances of West Africa will be performed by UIS students.  The program will begin at 6pm in PAC conference room C/D.





On March 6th we will focus on China and Japan. On April 3rd we will focus on Peru.

More information on the dinners can be found here.

If you would like to attend the dinners please let Dr. GoldbergBelle know as soon as possible. The cost of the dinners is $50 each per person. The dinners are open to the community.

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Looking Forward - Upcoming Events

Save the Date!
2011 Career Fair
Thursday, February 17, 2011
PAC Concourse

Save the Date!
National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
More info here



If you have events you want included on the calendar for the next newsletter, email Debbie Landis, Kristen Chenoweth, Gwen Cribbett, Rachel Hasenyager, Kim Rutherford, Jeremy Wilburn, or Suzanne Woods

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News Briefs

Student Affairs Appreciation Night

Thursday February 17, 2011 Women’s game starts at 5:30 pm
Men’s game starts at 7:45 pm


Free SPIRIT POMS “STUDENTS FIRST” to the first 200 people.

Dr. Barnett challenges you to a lay-up, free throw, 3 point and  ½ court shot at half time of the men’s game.  Prizes for those who sign up.



Springfest planning under way

Springfest is set for April 11-16.

"Superheroes" is the theme, with the tag-line, "Holy Springfest, Batman!"

Springfest  chairs are taking proposals through Feb. 16 for bonus events that Springfest teams can participate during the week of Springfest.

Up to five e vents will be selected.

To make a proposal or get more information, contact the Springfest Chairs,Jake Stodgel at jstod2@uis.edu or Rebecca Roche at rroche2@uis.edu, or SAC advisor Beth Hoag at bhoag2@uis.edu.

Etiquette Dinner: Dining for Success

Your dining etiquette can be a key factor in both job search and career success.

In an increasingly competitive job market, employers may want to see how you conduct yourself in social situations. Dining together is a great opportunity for interaction and socialization.

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to hone their dining etiquette skills during the 2011 Etiquette Dinner. The Career Development Center, with the support of the Student Affairs Division and the College of Business and Management, has organized an evening of fine dining and etiquette instruction from guest lecturer, Beth Reutter, on Wednesday, February 23, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the PAC Restaurant.

Student tickets are $10. All other tickets are $25. Reservations and ticket purchase are required by noon Friday, Feb. 18,

To register, visit Career Services.

Staff Spotlight

Ellie Haag- New UIS International Admissions Counselor

Elenora Haag has joined the UIS Admissions staff as an international admissions counselor.


What follows are some comments from Elenora—she goes by Ellie—about studies, work, and her arrival at UIS.

I have always had a passion for international education and my experience includes teaching English in China, organizing academic conferences and publications for an international association of business schools based in Belgium, recruiting students to summer programs in Berlin Germany, and working for an international English language testing service in Cambridge England.

Central Illinois will be a complete change of scenery for me after two years in Belgium - I'm really looking forward to getting involved as part of a small campus community, working closely with international students and particularly, as a History graduate, learning more about the 'land of Lincoln'! I hope that my experience with Chinese students in particular will be an asset as I work with other UIS staff to increase our international student population and represent the University at recruitment fairs in China and other Asian countries. My own experience as an international student in the US (I did my graduate studies in Boston) should also help me to advise potential new overseas students. Lastly, my parents spent a year at Ohio State as graduate students in the 1970s and still tell stories about it, so I'm curious to see how my Midwestern campus experience will compare with theirs!


Trent Tangan - Rec Sports Assistant Director, fitness and wellness.

Trent Tangan has joined Rec Sports as an assistant director, fitness and wellness.

Trent Tangan

We asked him to provide a brief bio:

A native of Iowa, I received a B.A. in Physical Education and M.A. in Exercise Science from the University of Northern Iowa. After college, I moved to Philadelphia, where,for four years, I was a Wellness Specialist for adults suffering from severe mental illnesses.My wife, Krista, and I were married Sept 5, 2009. Krista and I both greatly enjoy the outdoors; backpacking, rock climbing, skiing and triathlons are our favorites. (we actually met while rock climbing and I proposed while back packing.)

I have a certification as a Health and Fitness Specialist by the American College of Sport Medicine and Holistic Lifestyle Coach by the C.H.E.K. Institute. Recently, I received a certification to teach Kettlebell group exercise classes by the National Exercise Trainers Association.


Kara McElwrath is Employee of the Year 2010

Information Technology Services Training Specialist Kara McElwrath was named UIS Employee of the Year for 2010 during the 28th annual celebration in the Sangamon Auditorium lobby on January 24, 2011.

McElwrath is known for being reliable and committed to her job. She always takes the initiative to help others on a proactive basis. She even offers computer workshops outside of her normal work hours.

“I’m speechless and in my line of work that is very rare. This is an unbelievable honor and I am delighted to work here with all of you,” said McElwrath.

Read More about Kara>>

Click here to nominate someone for Employee of the Month.

Recipe Rack

The Student Affairs Newsletter has a new section: Recipes!

We’ll try to include at minimum one recipe—we’d like to include three or four of our colleagues’ favorite recipes—in each newsletter. Recipes can be for cookies—what is below is a family cookie recipe from Cathleen Cassvant—other desserts, main dishes, salads, breads, casseroles, whatever dish or item you enjoy preparing and would like to share. Please send recipes to Cathleen Cassavant. Any questions, please let us know.

Meanwhile, enjoy the sugar cookie recipe. While sugar cookies are often associated with the Christmas-New Year’s holiday season, they can be adapted to Valentine’s Day and pretty much any observance or occasion.

SUGAR COOKIES by Cathleen Cassavant

1 C butter
1 C crisco oil
1 C sugar
1 C powdered sugar
1 t vanilla
2 eggs
1 t baking soda
1 t cream of tartar
1 t salt
4 C flour

Chill dough for an hourfirst. Bake 8 - 10 minutes at 350.


Cause for Celebration


3rd - Cynthia Thompson
9th - Lori Giordano
11th - Leigh Brannan

1st - Kathryn Kleeman
4th- Angie Paul
9th - Jeanne Capranica
19 - Mandy Ealey

If you have a special date coming up, email Suzie Woods so we can get you added!


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