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Message from the Director

A new director in any organization may face the temptation to immediately start to change things. Sometimes those initial changes are made because you feel the need to assert yourself, but that's not my style. We are, out of necessity, realigning some of the work we do because we are down two positions. I work with very capable people here in HR, and we are trying to turn this "realignment of necessity" into an opportunity to make some long overdue changes. It is a work in progress.

Open DoorI hope you will come to realize there is a different management style in HR today. I have an open door policy and realize good ideas can come from any direction. My staff and I will be more accessible than in days past. As part of a continuing project, we have begun to look at the way we do business in order to identify opportunities to better serve you.

I hope to be the catalyst in our change efforts as we work hard to become more responsive to you and the needs of our university. This doesn't mean we will always be able to say "yes" to your requests. If you provide us with a description of the desired end result, we will work our hardest to show you all of the viable options available within the university's procedural and regulatory parameters.

Bob Lael

HR Duties Realigned

Responsibilities within the Office of Human Resources have been realigned as a result of recent staffing changes. Although some of your HR contacts remain the same, there have been a few changes. In addition, we have welcomed Margaret Wright, a junior here at UIS, to assist in our reception area. View an updated list of HR staff responsibilities and contact information.

Testing for Promotional Positions

Civil Service employees who have completed their probationary period may be eligible to test for promotional positions. Employees seeking promotions are given priority on the employment register when a vacancy occurs.

Woman climbing ladderIf you would like to apply to take a test for a higher level classification in your promotional line:

  • Check to be sure you meet minimum requirements
  • Update your online application
  • Submit an exam request

For more information about promotional testing, contact Deanna Boyer, 206-7144,

Link to the State University Civil Service System site and select "Class Specifications" in the sidebar to read about classifications in your promotional line.

Tuition Reimbursement Funds Available

If you're interested in improving your skills so that you and your department can provide improved service to the university, tuition reimbursement funds may be available to help. An employee may apply for tuition reimbursement for LLCC courses directly related to current job duties, if such courses are not available to the employee here at UIS. A Tuition Reimbursement Application must be completed and approved prior to enrollment in a course.

To apply, or to learn more about tuition reimbursement, contact Monica Kroft, 206-7020,

Taking a Class This Fall?

Female studentHere's some important information for employees who will also be students this fall:

Student Insurance Exemption

Employees who register as new students for a Fall 2010 on-campus class and already have health coverage must complete a Student Insurance Exemption by the September 10 deadline to avoid being charged for student insurance. Link to Student Insurance forms and instructions.

Tuition Waiver Application

Benefits eligible employees taking advantage of the tuition waiver benefit must complete a Tuition Waiver Application each semester. Link to forms and additional information on the HR website or in Nessie.

Questions about Student Insurance Exemptions or Tuition Waiver Applications? Contact Ceitha Steele, 206-6670 or

September 2010

Office of Human Resources

Upcoming Events

A reminder to employees with dependent adult children age 19 and older: You will receive information about recertifying your dependent(s) later this month.

The university will send electronic notices, and CMS will send notices via US mail. Log in to NESSIE 24/7 to complete the online form, or visit us in HRB 30.


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