Graduates & Graduating Seniors

David L. Boren Fellowship

Application deadline January 27, 2015


Application deadline October 14, 2015


Application deadlines vary according to type of prize or internship. Short Session Programs available.

Fulbright Programs*(recent graduates, students in M.A. and doctoral programs, and young professionals in the arts, journalism, business, law, and other professional areas)

Application deadlines vary (early fall)

Fulbright Special Programs

Fulbright Hilary Rodham Clinton award

Fulbright mytvU awards

Fulbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling Prize

Applications deadlines vary (early fall)

Huntington Public Service Scholarship (graduating seniors)

Application deadline January 19, 2015

Madison Fellowship

Application Deadline March 1st each year


Application deadlines vary (late October-early November)

Rangel International Studies

Application deadline TBA October 2014 for 2015 applications

Rhodes Scholarship

Application deadline first Wednesday in October

Harry S. Truman Scholarship**

Application deadline February 3, 2015




Critical Language Scholarship  (Summer program)

Application deadline November 12, 2014 for Summer 2015


*Requires students receive an endorsement from UIS; one exception for Fulbright, in which an “at-large” application is available. NOTE: Application deadlines given are for those of the awarding agency.  There will be an earlier UIS deadline for application materials for those awards requiring UIS endorsement and /or for which some or all of the application must be submitted by faculty advisors or the prestigious scholarship coordinator. For more information, please contact Keenan Dungey.


** Students apply for the Truman Scholarship as juniors