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At the University of Illinois at Springfield, Dr. Sharon Graf and Mr. Brian Pryor created a cost-efficient introductory course that develops music listening, analysis, and compositional skills and familiarizes students with music technology in a broad array of historical and geographic musical environments.

We have combined inexpensive music technology resources to provide an innovative and engaging experience for general education music appreciation students.

The course explores the relationship between musical symbolic sounds and technological innovation, with a focus on instrument construction; the timbres, scales, rhythms, and forms that instruments produce; the contexts people play instruments in; and the reasons why they play.

At the same time, students cultivate their own creative instincts by inventing an original instrument and composing a piece incorporating the new instrument and musical sounds created by a computer.

View our Global Music Appreciation conference poster (pdf)!

Syllabus (pdf)
Sample Assignments
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Sample Grading Criteria