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Musical ensembles and music courses at UIS are open to all students, faculty, staff AND community members. Click on a link below to learn more.


UIS Music Ensembles:


  • MUS 111 – Fundamentals of Music Theory
  • MUS 121 – Introduction to Western Art Music
  • MUS 131 – Beginning Class Guitar
  • MUS 133 – Beginning Class Piana
  • MUS 151 – Arts and Identity of Japan and the United States
  • MUS 181 – Introduction to Music Technology
  • MUS 191 – Musics of the World
  • MUS 239 – Black Music in American Culture
  • MUS 281 – Music, Technology, and Culture
  • MUS 319 – Music and Social Justice (ECCE)
  • MUS 335 – Jazz in American Culture
  • MUS 380 – Topics in Music
  • MUS 419 – American Musics (ECCE)
  • MUS 499 – Tutorial

Please Note: If you are not currently a UIS student but would like to earn credit for any UIS Music Ensemble or course you may do so as a non-degree-seeking student paying regular course tuition and fees. Community members wishing to participate in UIS Music ensembles need not register for credit.

UISMusicAdditional Music Opportunities

Affiliated musical organizations and on-campus music activities at UIS are open to all studentsfacultystaff AND community members. Click on a link below to learn more.

Contact for more information.

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