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Students Receive Merit Awards

After intermission of the Fall 2009 UIS Music Showcase Concert at the PAC Studio Theatre on Dec. 4, 2009, the music faculty presented a number of student awards.

Three students received Music Merit Awards: Tom Funfsinn, Miles Ray and Andrew Nicol. In addition, the faculty presented an Outstanding Student award to Jacob House, a non-enrolled member of the Chorus.

Tom Funfsinn is a sophomore pursuing degrees in history and legal studies. He is a member of the UIS Band and UIS Pep Band.

Miles Ray is a sophomore Chorus member majoring in accounting. He has been a fan of music, particularly jazz, since childhood and was named after the famous trumpet player Miles Davis.

Chorus member Andrew Nicol is a sophomore communication major with an elementary school minor and says music has always been influential in his life.

Jacob House is a graduate student working on his master’s degree in history at UIS. He also received his bachelor’s degree in history from UIS and has been a member of the Chorus for seven semesters.