Career Opportunities

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MTL prepares educational leaders for the classroom, as well as community education positions across the globe. Our graduates are:

  • master teachers
  • instructional coordinators
  • curriculum directors
  • technology coordinators
  • community college instructors
  • trainers in the military, police force and fire prevention occupations

Positions in related field include:

  • technology trainers
  • human resource managers
  • business managers/leaders
  • training and labor relations managers and specialists
  • archivists and museum technicians

The MTL program is designed to meet the personal and professional growth needs of educators around the globe. Coursework throughout the program is appropriate for:

  • Classroom Teachers
  • State Board of Education Personnel
  • Community College Educators
  • Vocational College Educators
  • Technology Professionals
  • Business Field Personnel
  • Community Service Personnel
  • Education Advocates

A wide variety of courses is available to meet students’ needs, interests, and professional goals while fulfilling degree requirements.