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Teacher Leadership University of Illinois Springfield

What’s New

 Current MTL student, Jameelah Abdallah, recently had 2 articles published in Academic Leadership, the Online Journal.

Both of the articles were portions of projects completed within her MTL coursework. Her articles can be reviewed online. The articles are titled:

  • Lowering Teacher Attrition Rates through Collegiality and
  • Benefits of Co-Teaching for ESL Classrooms.

Jameelah credits the MTL program for her publishing success:

“Thanks again for all your help and support. I know I would never have had these articles published if I weren’t a student in the MTL program. I feel very encouraged and hope to have more published in the future.”
(e-mail communication with MTL Coordinator).

Congratulations to Jameelah! The MTL program is VERY proud of your accomplishments!