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Master of Business Administration University of Illinois Springfield

Ronald McNeil

Professional Journal Articles

Kim, M., Oh, H., & McNeil, R. (2006). Determinants of Online Shoppers’ Satisfaction in Korea. Applied Economics Letters.

Cha, S. K., Kim, M., & McNeil, R. (2005). Diffusion of Internet-Based Financial Transactions Among Customers in South Korea. Journal of Global Marketing, 19 (2), 95-111.

Gunasekaran, A., McNeil, R., & McGaughey, R. (2004). E-Commerce: Teaching and Learning. Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, 2 (2).

Gunasekaran, A., McNeil, R. & McGaughey, R. (2000). Experiences of a Small to Medium Size Enterprise in the Design and Implementation of Manufacturing Cells. International Journal of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing.

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