The Master’s Degree


New students must contact the department office for initial advising to plan a program of study that reflects their interests and satisfies degree requirements. All students are strongly encouraged to consult an academic advisor before enrolling in course work for any academic term.

Grading Policy

To be eligible to graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration degree, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better is required for all MBA core and elective course work (36 total credit hours).

NOTE: Students also should refer to the campus policy on Grades Acceptable Toward Master’s Degrees, section of this catalog.

Degree Requirements

Required courses for the MBA degree include completion of prerequisite course work typically covered in under-graduate business courses (or their equivalents) and at least 36 hours of core course work and electives covering advanced business topics, issues, and applications.

Prerequisite Courses
ACC 311 Administrative Uses of Accounting 1 4
ECO 315 Economics for Administration 1 4
Core Courses
BUS 501 Business Perspectives 2 3
ACC 509 Management Accounting 3
MIS 525 Information Technology Management 3
BUS 502 Managerial Finance 3
BUS 512 Marketing Management 3
BUS 522 Production and Operations Management 3
BUS 541 Organizational Behavior 3
BUS 583 Business Strategy 3 3
Elective Courses
Select four courses 4 12
Total Hours 36

 Each completed with a grade of C- or better.


Must be taken during student’s first semester of core course work.


Preferably taken during student’s final semester of course work, and all core course work must be completed.


At least three electives must be from the College of Business and Management (ACC/BUS/MGT/MIS). One elective may be from another college but must be graduate-level (500) course work. Any elective from another college requires a Student Petition. MIS 513 is not an acceptable elective.

Master’s Closure

Students must complete BUS 583 at UIS with a grade of B (3.0) or better. A grade of B- or lower is not acceptable in this course.

BUS 583 is the graduate closure course consistent with campus policy on completion of a master’s degree. This policy requires that students not completing BUS 583 must continue to enroll in BUS 584 (zero credit hours, one hour billable) each regular semester (fall/spring) until the course requirements are met.