MBA curriculum includes four 3-credit-hour electives.

Electives are available in five tracks plus a miscellaneous category. Students may choose all electives in a track or a variety from among all tracks. Tracks include:

Entrepreneurship (blended)

MGT 550 Entrepreneurship
MGT 555 Small Business and Family Business Management
MGT 556 Entrepreneurial Finance

Human Resource Management (online)

MGT 531 Acquiring and Developing Talent
MGT 532 Performance Management
MGT 538 Strategic Human Resource Management

Business Intelligence (online and on campus)

MIS 542 Management of Database Systems
MIS 576 Data Warehousing

Business Process Management (online and on campus)

MIS 568 Enterprise Models
MIS 575 Technology Mgt. and Organizational Transformation

IT Project Management (online and on campus)

MIS 552 Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 573 Project and Change Management


ACC 531 Fraud Examination
BUS 505 Investments
BUS 552 Power
BUS 554 Business Consulting
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