Advising for the M.A. in Education (MAE) degree is conducted by the MAE Coordinator in consultation with the department chair. Initial advising must be completed by the end of the student’s first semester. The MAE Coordinator assists the student in planning his/her program of studies, and also available to provide career counseling.

After students are admitted to the MAE program, the advisor will assist students with establishing necessary user accounts, first semester coursework, course registration, and textbook information. Within the first semester of enrollment, students will work with the advisor to create their individualized course plan of study to fulfill degree requirements. Students must send an email to the MAE Coordinator requesting approval to register for the following courses: EDL 585 Foundations of Online Learning, EDL 541 Educational Research Methods, EDL 542 Action Research for Leadership, EDL 543 Assessment for Learning, and EDL 586 Master’s Closure Project.

Other areas the Coordinator/Adviser can provide assistance

  • Registration Process
  • Course Selection
  • Course Load Recommendations
  • Transfer Coursework Requests
  • Technical Assistance
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Participating in Annual Commencement Ceremonies
  • Reference Point to Contact University Services/Offices

Students are encouraged to follow-up with their adviser each semester throughout the duration of their program of study. The MAE Coordinator serves as the first point of contact in regards to student questions, comments, or concerns. While the Online Coordinator/Adviser may not be able to provide an answer, he/she will be able to provide guidance and contact information for the resource that will be able to answer the request.