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The Liberal and Integrative Studies Program (formerly INO Program) consists of four interdisciplinary faculty members whose area of specialization is in four different areas. All Liberal and Integrative Studies faculty members teach an Introductory Liberal and Integrative Studies course, LNT 501, and a final LNT course, LNT 521. Given the interdisciplinary and integrative nature of the LNT program, LNT students take classes from different university departments and work with the faculty members throughout the entire university.

Eric Hadley-Ives Sir Eric Joseph Orsay Hadley-Ives Associate Professor of Liberal Studies and Liberal and Integrative Studies Ph.D. Social Work, Washington University Area of Specialization: Social Work Faculty Personal Page Email : hadleyiv at uis dot edu  Phone: (217) 206-8207 Office : UHB 3028 Teaching Interests: Social and economic development, social science research methods, human nature, community organizing, mental health and mental health services. Accomplishments: In 2010 Dr. Hadley-Ives presented papers on “Childhood Poverty and Early Childhood Interventions” and “What Should College Students Know About Struggles for Liberty?” He has published such articles as “Examining the relationship between community residents’ economic status and the outcomes of community development programs” (with Chris Larrison) in the Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare; “Impact of Environment on Adolescents’ Mental Health and Behavior: Structural Equation Modeling” (with Arlene R. Stiffman et al.) in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry; and “Measuring Neighborhood and School Environments: Perceptual and Aggregate Approaches” in the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

Rosina Neginsky Associate Professor of English (Comparative Literature) and Interdisciplinary Studies, Associated Faculty of Women’s Studies and Visual ArtsRosinaN Ph.D. English, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Area of Specialization: European Literature and Art History Email  : Phone: (217) 206-7431 Office : UHB 3038 Teaching Interests: European literature (English Pre-Raphaelites; French and Russian Symbolists), 1850-1920; contemporary French literature. Courses: Ancient Greek and Biblical Motifs in European Literature, 1880-Present; Dostoevsky; European Cinema; International Women Writers; Literary Heroines; Symbolist Movement in Europe; Expatriate Paris. Accomplishments: Dr. Neginsky was awarded the honor of University Scholar in 2008.  She  has presented papers on “Methods in Teaching Literature online” and “Ekphrasis in the Age of Cervantes: Ekphrasis in Flaubert’s Short Stories”. She also has had multiple works published in Dictionary of Literary Biography, in The Rutledge Who’s Who in Twentieth Century World Poetry, and in Reference Guide of Short Fiction.


  • Salome: The Image of a Woman Who Never Was
  • Poetry – Under the Light of the Moon and Dancing Over the Precipice
  • Zinaida Vengerova In Search of Beauty: A Literary Ambassador between East and West (University of Heidelberg series, Peter Lang) Now in its second printing.
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography
  • Rutledge Who’s Who in Twentieth Century World Poetry
  • Reference Guide of Short Fiction


Dr. Neginsky is also the recipient of a number of awards from NEH and IREX.

William Kline Doctor William Kline, PhD Associate Professor of Liberal Studies and Liberal and Integrative Studies Ph.D. Philosophy, Bowling Green State University Area of Specialization: Economics, Business Ethics, Applied Ethics. Email  : Phone: (217) 206 7418 Office : UHB 3031. Teaching Interests: Ways of Knowing, Bio-Medical Ethics, Purposes and meanings of buisness and management, applied ethics, business ethics, philosophy, trade. Accomplishments: Recent publications include “Collapsing Good and the Milieu of Innovation: An Examination of Mill’s principles of Liberty and Free Trade” in the Journal of Value Inquiry and “Business Ethics from the Internal Point of View” published in the Journal of Business Ethics. He also has recently had published a book chapter on flourishing and trade. An article on David Hume’s theory of justice is now under review.


Karen Kirkendall Associate Professor of Liberal Studies and Liberal and Integrative Studies kirkendall

Area of Specialization: Psychology, Autism
Email  :
Phone: (217) 206-7248
Office : UHB 3017


Associated Faculty

Michael Cheney michael cheney at department meeting Associate Professor of Economics Ph.D.: Ohio State University; Faculty Personal Page Email  : Phone: (217) 206-8271 Office : UHB 4010 Teaching Interests: Economic history, the Beatles, Baseball, economics of sport. Accomplishments: Michael Cheney is a senior fellow at the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, and an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Prior to his affiliation with IGPA and the University of Illinois at Springfield, Cheney taught at Rutgers College from 1977-1981 and at Drake University. In 1988, he became the Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Drake University. Cheney held the Dean position until 1993 when he became the Associate Provost and Director of Research at Drake University. During this time, he facilitated a national commission on libraries and information resources at Drake as well as coordinated all institutional research data and surveys.

Emeriti Faculty

Jan DroegkampJan Droegkamp Emerita Professor of Liberal Studies, Individual Option, Women’s Studies and African-American Studies Ed.D., University of Massachusetts Email  : jdroe1 at uis dot edu Accomplishments: Dr. Droegkamp has been retired for a few years now, and has been working in Albania and Africa with the Peace Corps. Annette Van Dyke Annette Van Dyke Emerita Professor of Liberal Studies, Individual Option, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and English, Associated Faculty of Women’s Studies Ph.D. American Studies, University of Minnesota Area of Specialization: Indian-American literature Email  : avand1 at uis dot edu Accomplishments: Dr. Van Dyke is spending her first year of “retirement” working at the University of Shanghai in China. When she completes her service there, she will be able to return to her new home on the Columbia River in Oregon.

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