Examples of Degree Titles

Putting together a degree can be an overwhelming experience for some students. Provided below are some examples of various degree titles and courses that were selected in the design of an individualized curriculum.

Enhancing the Primary Education

  • TEP 595 Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum
  • TEP 596 Student Centered Projects
  • CFC 594 Interpersonal Communication

Master’s Thesis Project: “A Family Curriculum”. A program designed for primary students and their parents that focuses on the five basic features with which all families must contend. The goal of this project was to better understand family dynamics of family members by improving the educational experiences of primary students.

Human Resource Management

  • MGT 431 Human Resource Management
  • MGT 486 Group Management Techniques
  • WMS 449 Nondiscrimination Laws in Employment
  • MGT 311 Management Skills and Organizational Behavior
  • HDC 501 Fundamental Issues in Counseling
  • HMS 467 Family Dynamics

Independent Study Goal: To study Americans with disabilities, focusing on Human Resource Management, by exploring how they are discriminated against in hiring practices and treated on the job by employers and co-workers.

Liberty Studies

  • LIS 460 Topic: Liberty StudieS
  • LES 512 Theories of Justice
  • PHI 436 Contemporary American Political Philosophy
  • LNT 599 Libertarian Studies (a tutorial on libertarianism, including critical materials)

Environmental Communications

  • ENS 476 Environmental Ethics
  • BIO 371 Principles of Ecology
  • BIO 439 Comparative Physiology
  • ENS 421 Environmental Economics

Independent Study Goal: To conduct research on how many of the environmental issues facing society today are a result of how we use land; to gain a better understanding of American Indian attitudes toward the use and care of the land.

Women’s History

  • LNT 599 Women of the American West and Work (a tutorial on the role of working women in the labor force in the American West, their status and roles, and their satisfaction and alienation)
  • WMS 402 Library Research on Women
  • LNT 599 Ethnicity of the Women of the American West (a tutorial on the frontier experience of all women who led the battle of frontier life)

Management in Health

  • MPH 535 Public Health in the Political Arena
  • MPH 571 Health Care Organization
  • MPH 576 Economic Evaluation of Health Programs
  • MPH 551 Public Health Administration
  • MPH 545 Sociocultural Aspects of Health
  • MGT 423 Labor Management Relations
  • MPH 556 Leadership and Human Resource Management in Health Care

Indra Arnold – Sponsorship Assessment
Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of National City’s CSR sponsorship program and recommendations for the program’s effectiveness.

Amy Spies Karhliker – Cultural Research & Interpretive Writing
Interpretation of her grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s diaries in order to understand personal family history framed within the cultures of their lifetimes, i.e., the early 20th century.

Theresa Fuller-Sakolsky – Self-esteem & Self-acceptance
Implementation and evaluation of a series of workshops to build self-esteem and self-acceptance among pre-adolescent girls.

Susy Woods – Women with Disabilities and Sexual Abuse: The Impact of Laws and Public Policy

Candi Clouse – Domestic Violence: A Handbook for Journalists