The Master of Arts Degree in Liberal and Integrative Studies

Degree Requirements

To earn a master’s degree through the Individual Option program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

Graduate-level coursework

Students must choose a total of 42 hours of 400- to 500-level coursework. 400-level courses are generally offered to undergraduate students, but graduate student may also obtain credit for these courses if they complete one or two additional graduate-level assignments arranged by the instructor.

Students in the program may choose courses from a wide variety of majors and minors at UIS. To help students decide which courses would best fit into their intended degree plan, it is wise to discuss options with an advisor as soon as possible after admission into the program.

Registering for an LNT Independent Study

To help make the LNT degree suit students’ specialized interests, they may register for independent study. Before doing this, students will need to make sure they have an approved LNT degree proposal. This independent study should be listed in the degree plan.

Students planning to incorporate independent study into their degree plan should complete the following steps:

  1. Draft an initial outline using categories from the LNT Independent Study Proposal. This is a blue form available in the LNT Program Office, or you can download the PDF here .
  2. Identify a faculty sponsor for your project. Identifying an external resource may also be appropriate. Meet with this sponsor using the draft outline as a starting point.
  3. When you and your sponsor have agreed on the nature of your project, complete the final version of the proposal and have your sponsor sign the LNT indepedent study form which initiates the permission to register process.
  4. The signed form and any additional course materials will be forwarded to the LNT office for review by the LNT faculty . You and your sponsor may each want to keep a copy of the proposal for your records.
  5. The LNT Director will then forward a copy of the LNT Independent Study Proposal to the Dean of the college of your faculty sponsor for this project. The Dean’s office will sign off on the form and return it to the LNT/LIS Program Office where the course can then be entered in the computer system to the Office of Admissions and Records. You will be contacted when a course reference number has been assigned for your course.
  6. You will then need to register for the course using the course reference number assigned by the registration office
  7. Plan ahead. It is not easy to get all of these signatures at the last minute. Begin to work on your proposal in the semester before you plan to actually register.