Course List

These are the minimum number of courses you must take to satisfy the requirements for this major. You may, of course, take more courses if you desire.

Core Requirements

Courses Hours
LNT 501 Graduate Colloquium 4
LNT 521 Liberal and Integrative Studies* 2
Total LNT Core 6

Elective Courses

Courses Hours
LNT 599 Independent Study Tutorial or 2-12
LNT 580 Independent Field Project 2-12
Minimum 3

Graduate Closure Project

Courses Hours
LNT 550 Master’s Project 4-8
LNT 560 Thesis 4-8
Minimum 4

Other Requirements

Courses Hours
Additional Courses** 28

Total for an Master’s Degree 42 Hours * This course must be taken prior to the final semester. ** At least 12 hours of additional coursework must be taken at the 500-level.